The International Association of Lawyers Meeting on Refugees

Turning the legal spotlight on the issues of the world and humanity and establishing a broad understanding is very important for a global lawyer and is necessary and important that we think out of the box, observe humanity, and act with the belief of change in order to re-establish profound and just rules.

It is important to touch upon an international event.

But before talking about this event, let’s briefly talk about a burning issue.

According to the data provided by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

There are still 65 million people in the world that had to leave their homes.

People that have to migrate within the same country are 42 million.

People that have been in the status of “Displaced” under the protection of International institutions, that is to say, people who are accepted as a “Refugee” are 23 million.  In other words there are a total of 23 million people who are “Refugees”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recognizes and supports the activities of Neutral and independent non-governmental organizations.

Its purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees.

It also has a mandate to improve and strengthen universal and humanitarian principles of law.

Therefore, helping refugees mean;

Supporting them until they reach the country of transit and the country of destination.

Trying to overcome deficiencies in protection and aid along these migration routes.

Helping refugees find their families and reuniting them.

Accompanying those in need of assistance or those who are minors.

The International Association of Lawyers, who has around 120 members around the world, has a duty in this regard. There is no surprise in expecting members to pay special attention.

It was decided by the International Association of Lawyers to organize a meeting at the United Nations Office in Geneva, on the 2nd of June, to donate the income to refugees.

At the meeting, topics on the establishment peace and provisions of law, the rule of law and the protection of refugees, women in Africa and International legal interventions, the issue of migration, consequences of gender discrimination, and citizenship issues of children will be discussed.

Whether or not anyone participates from Turkey in these meetings, I hope that Turkish Lawyers turn their gaze to the global problems of humanity.

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